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Treatment Plan

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Running head: TREATMENT PLAN 1 Treatment Plan Student Name Institution Course Instructor Date 2 Treatment Plan Revised Case History Client’s Name: Sam Casey Age: 15 years Ethnicity: Native American Identifying Information Born on the Hopi reservation in Arizona, 15-year-old Sam resided with his mother. Sam is an only child and there was no mentioned of his father. Occasionally, Sam went to church on the reservation with his mom. At the age of 12, Sam’s mother died in an automobile accident and he was sent to reside with his grand-mother. Within a nine-month frame, Sam’s grandmother’s hip was injured when she fell and was unable to take care of herself nor Sam. Sam stayed with a family friend for a short time but they did not have enough room for him and he was placed in foster care. Sam is quiet, anxious and shy. He speaks in a soft tone and it’s very difficult to hear him when he speaks. He is now living with his adopted family; Diana, Steve and their 17-yearold daughter Rebecca. Referral Sources Diana recommended to the case manager that Sam needs someone to speak to and to have an evaluation because she cares about his well-being. Diana indicated that Sam have been confined to his room and struggles to go to school. Sam has been brought in for treatment on an involuntary basis and is aware of the reason for the referral. 3 Presenting Problem Sam is struggling to go to school. Sam is anxious about attending school and is scared to leave the house. Diana spec ...
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