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Psychology Essay

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Running Head: Psychology 1 Need Assessment, Sexual Orientation, and Motivation Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Psychology 2 1. Identify three personal goals. Now, review Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Describe Maslow’s theory, and explain how your goals either align or do not align with his theory. Provide specific details to demonstrate your knowledge of Maslow’s theory My three most important personal goals at the moment are; 1) to finish school and get a fulfilling job, 2) build a network of friends, and 3) take care of my body by eating more healthily and exercising. Setting personal goals in life is crucial because it can help one to define what they want to accomplish and plan for their living. Maslow hierarchy of needs is a conjecture developed by Abraham for his psychological paper, ‘a theory of human motivation’ in 1943. It comprises of five model tier of needs often depicted in the form of a pyramid with the most fundamental needs at the bottom while he presented the need for self-fulfillment at the top. His logic is that people must satisfy the most basic need which is the need for survival, i.e., food, water, clothing, and warmth before proceeding to satisfy the next need until they are at a point of self-actualization (Taormina & Gao, 2013). My personal goals align with this theory, for example, my first goal falls under the second model of Maslow’s theory which is safety needs because the aim is to attain security. My second ...
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