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Week Five
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argue the government should legalize drugs. This would eliminate the dangers associated
with its underworld existence, such as gangs, criminal activity, risky behavior on the part of
users, support for terrorist activities, money laundering, and so on. Meanwhile, some oppose
this view and defend the illegality of drugs on the basis that they are harmful to the individual
and society. Is this an example of a problem becoming an issue? Explain why or why not.
This example, in my opinion, is a problem becoming an issue. The text defines a problem as a situation
regarded as unacceptable while an issue is a matter where informed people disagree to some extent. The
situation about drug usage presents itself as a problem because society, as a whole, looks down on using
drugs and it is unacceptable to the point it is illegal. The transition from problem to issue has started most
likely because of the way the problem was expressed and people now beginning to disagree and
question. There are arguments on both sides that present valid points in which they attempt to inform
others about the matter. Some try to rationalize the benefits of legalizing drugs while the opposing
arguments still see the negative affects that drugs have. As long as there is room for disagreement, this
will surely become more of an issue than a problem in the future.
One of the key controversies in psychology is nature versus nurture. Is this a problem or an
issue? Explain.
I would consider this controversy an issue over it being a problem. The biggest reason I think this is
an issue is simply because it is a controversy. That tells me there have been a numerous amount of
intelligent people that are debating the situation. On one side, you have psychologists, as well as
regular people, that believe that nature and genetics are responsible for patterns in behavior and on
the other, there are those that suggest behavior is influenced by nurture and the environment. Now a
new point has been added for consideration that questions how and how much does each have an
affect. With all of the questions and arguments among informed people, there is certainly an issue.
Not only that, but if this were a problem, there would be a situation involved requiring some action to
be taken to improve that situation. The nature versus nurture issue does involve a situation however,
the main objective is to ultimately decide on which idea is more reasonable.
When do problems become issues? Can the reverse also happen? Provide support for your
In many cases, a problem becomes an issue either by the way the problem was expressed, or the
solution chosen. One example of a problem would be a large amount of minors purchasing alcohol
illegally from a store. The way it becomes an issue is when the state, or federal, government begins
revoking the liquor licenses of store caught selling to minors. Although it could be effective, it still
brings controversy creating an issue. Yes, I do thing issues can become problems, but I also doubt it
would happen very often. In order for an issue to become a problem, the people involved would have
to compromise on a solution or leave it alone all together. In Alabama, there used to be a big
controversy about the lottery being illegal. Many argued that the revenue generated by the lottery
could not only benefit the state, but also lower taxes. The state continued to say no and now because
people have stopped arguing, there is no longer an issue. People still may not like it, but their solution
is to go out of state to play.

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When the majority of the people of California voted in favor of Proposition 8, a ballot initiative
that banned same-sex marriage in that state, in the November 2008 elections, civil rights
activists protested and vowed to continue their fight for equal rights. The case was later taken
to the California Supreme Court, which upheld and declared Proposition 8 as constitutional
on May 26, 2009. The debate on equal rights, especially as related to marriage, for gay men
and lesbians continues. Would you classify this as an issue or as a problem? Explain your
I consider this matter to be an issue because one's own personal sexuality does not oppose on
everyone, if so, then it is a problem. Our choice to be with the one we love whether it be same sex
marriage or opposite sex marriage is a privilege that we can honor and it should be no one else's
business. If someone is against it, then it is an issue for that individual but until the majority is against
it, it is not a problem. I am a straight female who does not believe in same sex relationships, but I do
not judge others if that is what makes them happy. If a same sex couple wants to take it further, and
get married, then they should be allowed to. I just don't approve of extreme intimacy in public when
there are children around with impressionable minds. I feel that a person's decision to do something
whether it is approved of by all is their personal decision and until others are affected by it personally
it should never be a problem. I do not believe in the proposition to ban gay marriages because
interracial couples marry and as long as it has no bearing on the overall public, it is irrelevant.
In what ways are problems and issues expressed similarly? In what ways do they differ?
Explain why.
By definition the two words are interchangeable and therein lies the confusion. Each is looking
for an actionable result. It would appear, but I must say I find the premise confusing, is that an
issue involves more people to put their heads together to develop an equitable solution. With
larger issues, ones that involve many people, it is important to address the pros and cons.
However, let’s say there is a problem with the toilet backing up. Seems pretty clear that a
consensus of the masses is not required. Fix the toilet. Fairly simple.

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