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Pediatric asthma unfolding resoning

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Pediatric Asthma FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning Jared Johnson, 10 years old Primary Concept Gas Exchange Interrelated Concepts (In order of emphasis) 1. Inflammation 2. Clinical Judgment 3. Patient Education © 2016 Keith Rischer/ FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning: STUDENT Pediatric Asthma History of Present Problem: Jared Johnson is a 10 year-old African-American boy with a history of moderate persistent asthma. He is being admitted to the pediatric unit of the hospital from the walk-in clinic with an acute asthma exacerbation. Jared started complaining of increased chest tightness and shortness of breath one day prior to admission. He has been at 50 percent of his personal best measurement for his peak expiratory flow (PEF) meter reading which did not improve with the use of albuterol metered dose inhaler (MDI) (per his written asthma management plan). In the walk-in clinic Jared is alert, speaking in short sentences due to breathlessness at rest. He has coarse expiratory wheezes throughout both lung fields with decreased breath sounds at the right base. His oxygen saturation on room air is 90%. His color is ashen and he has dark circles under his eyes. He is sitting upright and using his accessory chest muscles to breath and has moderate intercostal and substernal retractions. He is complaining of tightness in his chest. Jared was diagnosed with asthma at age 6 years and has three prior hospitalizations for asthma with one admission to the pediatric intensive care unit. He ...
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