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ENG 125 Week 1 Assignment Reading Reflection


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Literary Work 1
Reading Reflection
Ashford University
Introduction to Literature
ENG 125
Submitted: 2011

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Literary Work 2
Reading Reflection
The reader-response appeal to literature relies on the readers ability to process the
information being shared rather than the author or the text itself. With the reader-response, a
person reads text and then relates to automatic explanations about life that are triggered moment
by moment as they continue to read. The linguistics used triggers the readers nervous system
spontaneously in response to being perturbed by the text. This type of approach to reading allows
people to imagine and be creative within them.
The reader-response approach with “the Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost offered a
common understanding for situations in which I had to choose between two decisions. There was
a visceral vision of a dilemma to make a choice that would eliminate the other option from ever
becoming a possibility when Frost submitted that there was remorse for not being able to travel
down the paths for both decisions. Every decision we make causes a difference in some sort of
way. Since Frosts’ dilemma was not clear and concise I was able to implement my own choices
to make a decision on. The key linguistic that triggered the process was use of the term ‘path’.
I was able to relate the poem to a difficult decision of whether or not I was going to move
across the country for a job offer. When Frost wrote “because it was grassy and wanted wear” I
was able to relate to the yearning to want to move to California (grassy), but not leave the
support of my family behind in Texas (wanted wear). My fiancée and I had to sort through the
mutual acknowledgement of each others concerns, have common understandings, and act with
the other persons concerns in mind. Both ideas were individually acceptable and understanding
by themselves, however; the path “to where it bent in the undergrowth”, was our childlike needs

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Literary Work 3
to be close to family and always have them to be there for us when needed. To travel across the
country without guarantee of success was non existent.
The road “less traveled by” was the decision my fiancée and I ended up executing; we
moved to California with a faith that the decision was for the betterment of our lives. Most of our
peer group still lives in Houston; and while moving to California may carry unknown factors we
feel as if we know how our lives will plan out by staying in Houston. By taking the road less
traveled we are unaware of the consequence that await us – both positive and negative – and that
makes life more thrilling!
Mr. Frost’s ability to craft a poem with generic terms allowed for the possibility to
implement my own experience and apply absolute creativity. I suppose that people who take
more risk and accept the unknowns about life can relate more to this poem than others. Perhaps
in some cases the road that is more traveled may be safer or predictable, however; the road less
traveled will have more twists and turns that can make the risk a more debatable question of
whether it is acceptable or not.
Though the poem is not one that I would typically gravitate towards I’ve realized that by
going out of the normal reading habits allows my imagination to be inspired to find ways to
relate. The reader-response approach to the poem would allow most viewers to find some way to
relate to it because the way that it is crafted allows a reader to examine each sentence as
something personal of the author – and the vagueness allows for unlimited boundaries of the
reader to interpret for themselves.

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