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ENG 125 Week 3 Assignment - Final Paper Rough Draft


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Literary Elements 1
Rough Draft of Final Paper
Ashford University
Introduction to Literature
ENG 125

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Literary Elements 2
Rough Draft of Final Paper
Whether reading a short story or a poem, there is always a story to be found within. The
authors of these scripts are able to capture readers with the utilization of characterization,
rhythm, or a fairytale setting throughout their narrative. It is imagination that sanctions the reader
of these literary forms to be able to mentally visualize what the author would like the reader to
visually perceive by use of symbolism or descriptive wording. In the poem “The Road Not
Taken” or short stories “A Worn Path or “Used To Live Here Once” – There is a prevalent
theme. No matter what solitary journey we find ourselves on, ‘we’ determine how the journey
The solitary journey that each of these literary pieces share is presented differently in
each inditing. Robert Frost designed “The Road Not Taken” with specific designs in the narrative
that revealed for me as the reader that there was a forthcoming journey. Frost also utilized the
word “I” many times, which sanctioned me to imagine him alone. Comparative to this example
let us compare “A Worn Path” where Welty utilized the word “she” throughout the writing piece.
The linguistic choice inspired my imagination to visualize a woman walking alone. This
visualization was reinforced in other places of the writing when the character spoke to animals to
get out of her way: “Out of my way, all you foxes, owls, and beetles”. When Welty posed this
conversation in the story, it gave me a sense of solitude. The submission that the woman also
was walking a uphill path provided the symbolic comparison to a ‘hard life’. Walking uphill for
any length of time is exhausting for anyone and when you add the notion of being elderly, it
brings pity to this woman walking uphill. Rhys also utilizes the word “she” many times in ‘Used
To Live Here Once’. Once again, this presents to a reader that the character is in solitude, be
example: “She came to the worn steps” and “She was standing by the river”. In each piece of

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Literary Elements 3
literature reviewed in this paper, the solitude of each journey varies by the choices that the
characters make.
The setting that a short story or poem creates makes a major difference for the
engagement of the reader for the overall reading experience. Consider the title of “The Road Not
Taken” by itself. Just the title exudes a conflict of where the writing piece may, or may not lead.
The first entry is “Two roads diverged in yellow wood” and as a reader I was left wondering
where the pathways would lead me. The poem is written with a first person narrative which
allows the reader to become the character and see the pathways from his perspective. Frost wrote
about one path specifically and shared a perception of “where it bent in the undergrowth” and
that the other path seemed “grassy and wanted wear”. This created a vision of wilderness with
two paths that differed in appearance; but most likely ended in he same place. This was also
interpreted as symbolism, with care for something that was much more immensely colossal.
Symbolism examples are abundant in the same poem. The word “Yellow” was used to
describe the two roads as aging or in decay; or maybe it was a reader reference for Dorothy in
the play ‘Wizard of Oz’ when she was at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road and did not
know what to do. In another symbolic example, “Two Roads” could be interpreted as two ideas,
two dilemmas, two opportunities, two of just about anything that a person might have to choose
between. The person Frost is writing about seems could be going through a difficult time for
forced decision or new opportunity. Frost referred to both paths as “in leaves no step had trodden
black”, which is another example of a color being applied for symbolism. ‘Black’ shows
symbolism of death. The narrative as crafted reveals him on a current path that observes a new
choice as “grassy and seemingly vibrant”, and like the one currently on, holds a future that is
unknown. The analysis of the predicament seems as if an alternative pathway appears as

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