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Mark Mathabane

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Running Head: MARK MATHABANE Mark Mathabane Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 MARK MATHABANE Alexandra was a small ghetto found just outside Johannesburg, this is the birthplace of a South African writer and lecturer in 1960, Mark Mathabane. He was named Thanyani which is a tribal name meaning; the wise one. Also, he had an official name of Africaans which was Johannes. This paper will discuss how the apartheid in South Africa contributed to the poor living conditions for the black South Africans, the government’s structural flaws and how apartheid was unsustainable as a system of government. Mathabane, a black boy having been borne at the height of apartheid and in the capital of South Africa, Mark is one of the people who faced some of the worst effects of apartheid. The living conditions that he describes in his tender years were desperate as he says they lived in a two-roomed shack which was unheated. Together with his siblings, they slept under a table on a bed made of cardboard and newspaper. Living in the ghetto was not easy for his family because they lacked the most basic need such as electricity, running water and even balanced diet. They lived in fear ev ...
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