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Crysis I on PC - Detailed Instructions
Crysis is a first-person shooter game originally launched in 2007. The game was developed by
Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. The game was offered on the operating system
Microsoft Windows. This is the first game in the Crysis trilogy. The first mission of the game
begins with a brief FMV. The player is required to wait for the cut-scene to end. The cut-scene
takes place on an U.S. military aircraft. Now the player is introduced to the other members of the
squad and to the leader. “Prophet”, the leader, gives to the team and to the player a set of
instructions of leaving the aircraft by parachuting. The player must obey those orders.
Movement Control Buttons:
W Key – Use to move forward
S Key – Use to move backwards
D Key – Use to move right
A Key – Use to move left
Q Key – Use to lean left
E Key – Use to lean right
Spacebar – Use to jump
Left Shift Key + W Key – Use to Sprint
Left Ctrl Key (Press and Hold) – Use to crouch
Z Key – Use to prone
I Key – For using night vision
Weapon Control Buttons: Mouse Button 1 – Use to shoot
Mouse Button 2 – Use to zoom / for alternate fire and view
X Key – Use to change fire mode
R Key – use to reload your weapon
J Key – use to drop weapon
B Key – to use binoculars
Right Mouse Button – for zoom, alt fire, view mode
C Key – to enter customization menu
Mouse Wheel Up or Down – use for next or prev. weapon
G Key – use for grenade throw
I Key – use for night vision
1 Key – use for short range weapon toggle
2 Key – use assault weapon toggle
3 Key – use explosives toggle
4 Key – use suit modes toggle

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5 Key – use for utilities toggle
H Key – use for grenade type toggle
Q Key – use for grenade type toggle (in multiplayer)
Interaction Control Buttons:
F Key – use to interact, enter, exit
F5 Key – use to quick save
F8 Key – use to quick load
F9 Key – use to load last saved game
V Key – use for suit menu
Click Mouse Wheel – use for suit quick menu
M Key – use to open or close map
Tab Key – use to see objectives
Gameplay Instructions:
1. Introductory Sequence:
At first the player is introduced to some of the back-story. Apparently a research team has
discovered something of interesting on an island in the South China Sea. The player is shown
that a week later, he and the rest of the team, are sent to search and rescue an archeological team.
The island is filled with North Korean People’s Army (mostly mentioned as KPA). The player
starts the gameplay in a plane above the sea.

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While in the air, the player will be given control of the character named Nomad. This is a good
time to get used to some of the movement controls. No action is required yet, simply listening to
the team’s instructions is advisable. The player can look around using the mouse and activation
of the night vision is advisable. When looking to the left the player will see something flying
towards him and crash. The player must use the night vision system with regards to the energy
Nomad loses his parachute and gets a rough landing; no action is required from the player yet.
Many of the suits capabilities are lost due to the impact. Once in the water the player can use the
movement controls to get to the surface.
The player needs to start swimming forward until the island on the radar is reached. There
Prophet begins contact and repairs the nanosuit by making recalibrations. Upon fixing the suit,
Prophet also gives the player the next objective, making the rendezvous with Jester.
2. First Objective:
a) The player is offered a short tutorial on how to perform various actions in the game. It is
essential for the player to pay close attention in order to be successful later on. In order
for the player to meet this second objective, the green dot on the map must be followed.
After completing the tutorial the player must put on the silencer and head to southeast in
the direction of the jungle.
b) Upon approaching to the first KPA soldier the player much turn the nanosuit in cloak
mode and kill him silently. Another target must be terminated on the ledge above and two
more on the neighboring beach by the flare. The local flora can prove to be great cover
while traveling to a different location. The player must continue until the rendezvous
point is reached and encounters Jester. This will be the successful completion of the first

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