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pay by act discounting teenagers question




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The pay structure is not ethical and just. Irrespective of a teenager or adult, the pay should be
given equal to all. If a teenager and an adult having same qualification join the organization at
same time then pay structure should be equal, considering the previous work experience the pay
may varies.
A person should be paid whatever he or she deserves. If an organization follows the structure of
paying double to adults than teenagers, it will create a big mess. Modern human resource policies
say equal pay for equal work, irrespective of an adult or teenager. But a company must look into
the previous work experience and educational background before deciding the remuneration.
I am totally against this compensation structure where adults are given double, but do not
deserves at least. Rather than paying double focus should be given on certain benefits like
medical facilities, insurance, child’s educational allowances, etc.
This will create equality for both the categories and will feel motivated for the work. In formal
workplaces, management follows equal pay structure for all the people.

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