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The Shirley Letters by Louise Clappe




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The Shirley Letters
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When one reads the Shirley Letters by Louise Clappe he/she notes that an educated and
privileged woman living in a community of rough, tough male miners was not an effective and
credible observer of the Gold Rush society. Shirley didn’t get down and dirty enough to
understand the reality of mining camp life. From her letters, it is clear that her account of gold
mining comes from a secondary illustration of gold mining life. It is also evident that Louise
view point as a woman provided a contrast to the typically all male mining camps. The Shirley
Letters gives accounts of the vast and beautiful California landscape of gold mining that was the
background to the normal mining life. From evidence, it is clear that Louse Clappe, the author of
the Shirley letters is not an effective observer of the normal gold rush life.
The Shirley letters provide detailed information about the classic gold rush of the
Americans living in California mines ay her time. In stead of providing the literature from her
own perspective of the daily life and momentous adventures of the California mining life. All the
characters that have been illustrated in the 23 letters have been written by a physician’s wife
about the Yuba River and Feather Mines in California. It is evident that the author of the Shirley
letters is not an effective observer of the gold mining life in California. For this reason, she did
not experience the life from her own perspective as a miner. This is because she was an educated
woman who lived a normal life from that of the miners (Shirley & Russell, 1922).
In stead of being focused on the normal life of the gold rush, it is evident that Shirley is
more focused on the portrait of a woman during an era that was filled with male dominance. The
Shirley Letters offer a vivid picture of the gold rush life from the accounts of bloody deaths,

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fearful accidents, murders, hanging and the crime life of California life at her time.
Consequently, it is evident that the all the Shirley Letters encompass summary justice from her
own view point. As a matter of fact, she was an educated woman, a fact that meant that she
encountered life from a secondary perspective. The author of these letters did not get dirty and
encounter the harsh environment as faced by the Native Americans (Clappe, 2012).
The Letters are filled with candor, description and charm that have enabled any other
writer to experience them from her own view point. Since she was married to a Massachusetts
doctor, it is clear that she has spared a lot of information detailing about the west side of
California. However, it is evident that Louise Clappe is good at providing descriptions of the
rugged West side of the California. This is because she has provided detailed analysis of the
problems and challenges that were faced by the Indians and other immigrants living near her. As
evident from the letters, it is evident that the letters are informative as they provide detailed
explanation of the life that was lived by the people of Feather River (Shirley & Russell, 1922).
The Native Indians Living in Feather River is described as industrious people who love
life. She has explained that the cruel treatment of the criminals and people who demonstrated
deviant behavior was punished with all forms of cruelty in California. She has provided an
eternal calico that has flashed the social life of a golden state. She describes how the woman was
left behind at a time when men were trying to focus on the gold mines. She has also provided
wild grandeur and awful magnificence of the background at a time when people enjoyed
everything on their side (Clappe, 2012).
From evidence, it is worth noting to say that Clappe, the author of the Shirley Letters did
not enjoy he own life of happiness. This is because she had learned to keep her house and her

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