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Statement of Purpose




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Statement of Purpose
Institutional Affiliation

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I am writing to apply for a P.H.D program majoring in Human Resource Development
because I want to advance my professional knowledge. Once I am enrolled into the program, I
shall advance my knowledge in education, training and development of adult in settings such as
social services, government, healthcare and business industry. In general, I am interested in
human factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern. Once I take the
program, I am sure that I will advance my core competencies and knowledge necessary to meet
specific needs that organizations have for the HRD professionals. I believe that the program shall
provide me with the opportunity to advance my communication skills hence empower me with
skills such as task analysis, program design, program planning and sensitivity to cultural needs of
any given organization as well as gain insights to General Management perspective.
I believe that once I have been enrolled to the program with the concentration in human
resource development would be valuable in helping me to achieve the aforementioned
objectives. The program would guide me to achieve my conceptual and quantitative skills in
analyzing human resource issues and also open new avenues for research. Subsequent to
graduating from the program, I would also like to apply for a faculty position from a major
university to help me investigate core issues that are concerned with human resource factors in
organizations, systems and structure. I would emphasize my knowledge in analyzing sensitivity
to cultural and psychological needs of diverse populations needed for adaptation of educational
and training needs.
Furthermore, my background provides me with a glimpse of what is required in my
professional career. I had two years A level in England, Two years university in Japan and two
years university in United States. Having also worked as an intern in the world 500 company has
also equipped me with skills required to conduct the duties I shall be assigned to during my

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career. I have also been voted as one of the most promising students in my batch and have
received the Universities Chancellors award for my school project. During my internship, I have
learned how to apply the management principles in the real life. My internship was interesting
and also changed my interest in human resource management into a passion. Of course, I do read
intensively on the subject and always try to keep myself informed about management thinking in
my areas of work and also the trends of the industry.
I have gained a lot of knowledge from my present job. Through the help of the team, I
have analyzed several organizations and the strategies they use to ensure that their employees are
kept motivated for the job. In my graduate studies, I have an objective of equipping myself with
advanced tools and analytical research capabilities. Throughout the years, I have developed great
analytical skills to help promote enhance my performance in my future career. I want to delve
deeper in studying about my career in order to develop its performance. In my graduate studies, I
aim to equip myself with tools that shall help me to shape others in human resource
I hope that the admissions committee will find my strengths and background
commensurate with the requirements of the P.H.D program in human resource development.

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