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Memorandum Report 2

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Running head: MEMORANDUM 1 Memorandum Institution Affiliation Instructor’s Name Student’s Name Course Code Date MEMORANDUM 2 MEMORANDUM To: Chief Executive Officer From: Senior Accountant Subject: Implementation of Accrual Accounting Date: (dd/mm/yyyy) Accrual Accounting Recently, you asked I find the reasons behind the delayed payment for the employees’ salaries. I would like to bring to your attention that the firm carried out a tremendous job in sales as they exceeded the expectation, the firm has earned trust from its customers due to the financial policy introduced that is supporting debt services. I am fully aware that the company is new to this consulting industry. However, due to the services and strategies put in place, we have surpassed the set objective by increasing our sales by 65 percent. Despite the success, we have had numerous challenges that we have faced during our time in business. Some of the most common problems have been related to our suppliers, government, and customers. I would like to highlight some of the issues that we have experienced and the methods we have used to mitigate their effect on the company. As you are aware BizCon has completed ...
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