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Subject: Reflection on the English 211 Course
I have finalized the English 211 Course. During the two months it has lasted, I feel that I have
made substantial progress on my technical writing abilities, and at mastering the English
language in general. As part of this course, I have completed tens of writing assignments,
learning to make good use of concepts pertaining to communication theory. Undeniably, the
things I’ve learned during this course will prove to be a substantial help in my professional
The Assignments
The English 211 Course has involved completing during technical writing assignments. Among
those, I consider most notable the resume and letter of intent assignments, the flyer project
assignment and the proposal assignment. These assignments have proved the most education out
of all.
The resume and cover letter assignments have helped me gain a better understanding of how
such documents need to be written. They helped me see things from a perspective I had
previously ignored, that of the reader. To be honest, when I had written such documents in the
past I didn’t do it with the reader in mind.
However, the course materials helped me realize that hiring managers have to swift through tens
or even hundreds of such documents in a limited amount of time, and therefore making them
easy to read and quickly comb through can be of utmost importance. I am confident that with my
newly gained knowledge on this matter, I will be much more effective when creating documents
related to the effort of finding a job.
Additionally, the flyer project assignment has taught me the basics when it comes to making
good use of visuals to support your writing. I think that this will be another aspect that will prove
to be of major help in my career as an economist, as my work will often involve creating visual
aids. Finally, the proposal assignment has probably been the most education one of them all. It
has taught me how to create a complete document, one that involves most of the forms of writing
we explored during this course, into one single coherent piece.
The assignments I have completed during this course have also helped to become more aware of
how the information needs to be presented in order to make a persuasive and compelling case. I
believe that I have implemented the concepts we learned quite well, and that I put in a good
efforts for the assignments. Nevertheless, I am aware that in order to excel at the things we

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learned during these eight weeks, I need to make further improvements and to continue learning
on this matter.
A Goal Not Yet Grasped Completely and My Future Outlook
I think that one of the goals I have not yet entirely grasped has been that of applying various
strategies of writing, prewriting and revising. I have made an effort to reach this goal, and I
believe I have some improvements, but I’m still not entirely satisfied with my progress. I think
the proposal assignment reflects this best. While I believe I have made a good attempt at it, in
retrospection I still think some aspects, like the detailing of some technicalities, the way the
information is organized, and my persuasiveness could have been better. Another issue I have
noticed during this course was my poor time management. In a number of occasions I had to
submit my assignments late because of it. I am aware of all these issues pertaining to my goal,
and I’m determined to continue making improvements.
As for where and how I see myself using the things learned in this course, in the future, I think
that probably it will be something involving my major in economics. In fact, the things learned
during these past eight weeks have already helped on some school related assignments. English
is my second language, which means I had to work more than other on my writing skills. Thats
why, having completed this course, makes me confident that I have made progress.
Considering my plans to work in the economics sector, technical writing skills will most likely
prove to be a valuable asset. I was not previously aware of how important it is to keep the reader
in mind when writing, not had I known how effective good use of visuals and persuasion can be
in professional environment. I believe that my participation in the English 211 course will
unquestionably help me in my current educational endeavors, but even more so, in my future
professional ones as an economist.

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