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Burj Khalifa Project

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Construction project The world’s most famous Construction Project- Burj khalifa Introduction • Construction refers to the process of building structures or infrastructure. • This differs from manufacturing since manufacturing involves the mass production of identical items without a prior designated agreement. • Construction takes place on client designated location and follows the directives of the client. • The construction industry involve 6% top 9% of gross domestic product in developed countries. • It is a complex process that involves planning, design, financing, implementation and management. …cont’d • Construction of large structures and large complex projects requires collaboration of multiple disciplines. • An overall manager is required to bring together the different disciplines and manage them effectively. • Such projects involve a project construction manager, construction engineer, an architect supervises as well as a design engineer. • Before the project fall in the hands of engineers for the actual construction to start, there are various aspects that need to be looked at. • The design experts first consider the requirements, the environmental impact that may be brought by the construction, the project construction manager looks at the project scheduling, the budgeting manager considers the available budget, construction-site safety experts, etc. The Burj Khalifa • The Burj Khalifa or the Burj Dubai project was a mega p ...
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