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HCS 457 Week 4 Resources and Service Summary




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Discuss with your team resources and services available in your community that help contribute
to your community's health and wellness.
Write a 150-350 word summary discussing the resources and services discussed.
Include the following in your summary:
Identify 2-3 resources and services
How do these services/resources serve community needs
How do they promote the community's health and wellness?.
The resources and services that can be used for community health and wellness are medicines
given as free samples, training regarding how to dispose waste properly, free booklets to be
given of home treatments, and distributing free plants for tree plantation.
The medicines given as free samples may include those which people use often like fever, pain
killers, cold and cough, etc. Training to dispose waste properly will help making environment
clean and creating useful things like manure and fertilizers. Free booklets for home treatments
includes traditional therapies and methods to cure certain illness like fever, cold, controlling
diabetes, blood pressure, wounds, etc. Planting more and more trees will help creating clean and
pollution free environment.
All these services and resources will help create healthier environment which will result better
health for people living in the environment. Opting these methods can help people to cure their
diseases and illness on timely manner. If the people of community feel healthy only then they
can lead to healthy generation ahead.
Therefore community health and wellness are the priority concerns for the nations.

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