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Simon Bolivar Summary


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Simon Bolivar was a great military and political leader of 19
century Latin America. He begins
his significant revolutionary activity when Napoleon, by fighting the Spanish, offered Bolivar the
perfect occasion to fight for independence. After looking for British help he allies with Francisco
De Miranda, but their relationship ends badly. In 1813 we won against the Spanish, gaining the
name The Liberator. Not long after Spain takes back Venezuela with the help of The Legion of
Hell. Bolivar is forced to leave the country. He heads from Haiti to New Granada, where he
makes the preparations needed to take back the country. In 1819, with a small force, despite
impossible odds, he defeats one of the Spanish weak points. He tries to setup a republic and, after
the end of a six month peace treaty in 1824, he managed to liberate not only Venezuela, but much
of the northern part of South America, as a result of winning a series of battles. During this
period he also meets the love of his life. He dreamed to bring the entire South American
continent together and achieve unity. After reaching this peak of political success, his influence
declined having to deal with civil war, various conflicts and even an assassination attempt. He
was killed by tuberculosis in 1830.

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