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Advanced technology






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Running Head: Technology
Advanced technology and human dependency on it is
Not an indicator of humanity's progressing demise

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Running Head: Technology
Technology may be the making, modification, make use of, and knowledge affecting tools,
machines, strategies, crafts, systems, ways of organization, in order to settle a problem,
improve a preexisting treatment for any problem, achieve an ambition and perform a selected
function (Wikipedia). Technology in most cases is the process in which humans adapt nature
to meet their needs as well as wants. According to a study performed via May 2010 to be able
to May 2011, Google receives 1 billion dollars unique visitors monthly; from math
groundwork to relationship difficulties. Google gives its users the chance to search on a
variety of topics. Just great example on how humans are getting to be too dependent upon
technology. By becoming too counting on technology will give uncomfortable side effects to
our capacity to consider, our knowledge, and organic beef is lethargic.
Many people believe were burning off our capacity to consider because we've computers to
offer us the answers and to even correct the spelling. The mere regarded having a aiding hand
called the "Internet" in situations that you could solve all without having help, is this warning
of reliance. I find me personally that technology decreases our ability to think and do the job
first, by making facts too accessible for people like us. We can basically look something in
place, the answer maybe there is, and we do not have to think or explore individual.
Everything is on the web. Technology, with game titles, Facebook on this go, and
transmitting texts, provides continuous distraction, so we cannot concentrate on thinking or
utilizing small projects. ”It have not yet crippled our capacity to consider; it merely created
an ambiance regarding laziness” (Robinson). Many people would definitely accompany
Robinson because executive has found their way almost divorce lawyers Atlanta part of the
lives, providing a impression of relief in having most of the tasks performed. Every small
function we do now could be technology dependent. Technology devices for instance smart
phones and PCS have alleviated for individuals the employment in our brains pertaining to
daily basics as well as mathematics, spelling, in addition to telling the interval. Spell checks,

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Running Head: Technology
calculators, and digital purposes do simple tasks which were previously carried out from your
own hands. These supplies certainly dulled the basic skills. “There was a period when we
were required to work to accomplish most jobs, like finding madness of your word to prone
to a relative’s home. We have escapades our work at this time, making us care-free and
slacking” (Birch). Gradually, we can express that, “living without technology is in
comparison to living without air” in the world of today. As a result, we so much count on
Dependence on executive is giving us an unhealthy effect on the education. People feel
troubled or uncomfortable as soon as their cell phone as well as laptop with internet is not
with them. Based on a study conducted in the us in 2011, through 500 American college
students, 73 percent ones claimed they'd not be capable of study without some sort of
technology while 38 percent ones said they cannot continue to study for higher than ten
minutes with no checking their cellular telephone or laptop. How many hrs do we spend
studying as compared to surf the internet each day? For me, I spend at the least 49 hours each
week surfing the internet and about a few hours studying each week. This would probably
apply at most of the students in the US. Students do possibly not learn today simply did ten or
2 decades ago. Today, they might be influenced by executive, technology such although
televisions, radios, iPods, computers and game titles which students use each day.
Technology is furthermore making us lethargic without any physical activity, obese and
beyond shape as a result of easy access to be able to mechanized transportation for instance
cars. Technology is why is us be care-free. When television 1st arrived to folks' homes, you
actually were required to get up to turn it on / off or to modify the channel. Currently you
can't even get yourself a television that won't have a remote that you can operate from types
chair or bar. Most people within age 40 cannot conceive of electronic device, consisting of
car stereos, without a remote that enables you to remain seated with the operation of the idea.

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