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Social Rights

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Running Head: SOCIAL RIGHTS 1 Social Rights Institutional Affiliation Date SOCIAL RIGHTS 2 Social rights differ from the natural rights since the rights will arise from certain obligations which have been brought about by a social contract. From a legal point of view, these rights will include the rights to equal distribution of collective interests. During the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights back in 1948, it was clear that the social rights had become quite prominent in the United States. This is because the inclusion featuring both economic and social rights which were featured in the declaration received support all over the country. The addition of these two rights, social right, and economic rights could be found under Article 22 to Article 27. The inclusion of the social rights included the right to one to gain employment, to enjoy social security and to enjoy the standards which have been presented economically, socially or culturally (Eide, 2000). However, with the passing years, the social rights received quite a hostility in the country despite the United States supporting the inclusion which the nation regarded as quite essential. Two human ri ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.