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Challenging Economic Issue

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Running head: CHALLENGING ECONOMIC ISSUE Challenging Economic Issue Name: Institutional affiliation 1 2 CHALLENGING ECONOMIC ISSUE Challenging Economic Issue Introduction The study will analyze the article on the growing impact of technology on the changes in the job market. The topic is crucial since it gives an insight on why the majority of the persons cannot say with certainty the type of jobs they could choose if they were kids today. Different scholars believe that increased automation will reduce the number of the workforce for many positions. The impact of this situation is the increased stagnation of future income and income inequalities hence the need for understanding this topic. It provides information on the changes in technology and its impact in the workplace through enabling some jobs to become mobile while others obsolete. Learning this topic will equip the learners with knowledge on the changing skill set that is essential in creating a competitive environment. People have to learn these skills to adapt to this paradigm shift. Some of the advances in technology that affects workplace include the increase in robotic systems, IoT, and cognitive systems among others. Therefore, understanding the impact of this technology will equip learners with information on how these trends affect the job market and economy as a whole. Key Points Made in the Article Advances in technology such as the improvement in industrial robotic to automation in services are among ...
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