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Running head: On the Road
Jack Kerouac
Prompt: Beats are often criticized for their self destructive behaviour, particularly in regard
to drugs, alcohol, and sex. At the same time, for many the beats were early champions of
individual freedom. Are these tensions between freedom and community norms central to US
culture? How do Kerouac and the Beats experience these tensions?

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Running head: On the Road
Thoughts of race, which can be strong throughout (Sal continuously idealizes the "brown
peoples" as living a less difficult, more joyous life) are typically particularly prevalent when
Sal was in Denver this time period. He wishes to get black, equating this black world along
with joy, "kicks, inches darkness, music--none which he can discover enough of in his very
own world. He wishes to get Denver Mexican, the "poor overworked Jap, " anything but "'a
white man' disillusioned. " He blames their self for having "white ambitions"--this is the
reason why he left Terry. Though, as he continues strolling through the entire streets,
imagining Dean and also Marylou as little ones there and stumbling in the happy multi-racial
recreational softball game, it becomes apparent that Sal doesn't need to be something or
another individual particularly: he simply does not need to be himself. However, his racial
stereotyping and attitudes are important to be aware of in the national and historical
circumstance of America interior late forties and also early fifties (See this particular Context
Generally, when Sal is moving home again, on his technique to San Francisco, he appears
like all of their problems are fixed out. In San Francisco bay area, however, Dean isn't
accomplishing this very well. For the new, Sal has arrived at him, and whenever they are both
given away by Camille, Dean also dreams Sal for initially. Sal recognizes the other in which
they are standing together with the hill since pivotal: Dean incorporates a new respect
regarding Sal, and also Sal's camaraderie. Staying macho men, they are embarrassed together
with pleased by their very own new closeness.
While Sal's perception linked to things matures, he begins to be able to depict women to
understand respect. He considers terrible for Camille, and feels too embarrassed to feed her

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Running head: On the Road
bedroom utilize the bathroom whilst she has crying. He even admits to liking Galatea Dunkel,
and we predict her kindness to be able to him that your lover likes him, likewise. Dean's
powers to be able to please women, on the other hand, are decreasing: if the women berate
these individuals for his habits to Camille, he can't charm himself from using it. Dean is
broken down at this point, and this is the reason why Sal defends these individuals. Sal
believes that this joy and enjoyment Dean has given them is too precious to discount virtually
no matter how abominably many people behave. This landscape, along with people, offers
important glimpses in the women's world such as until now hasn't been represented: Sal,
noticing a piece of art of Galatea concluded by Camille hanging inside living room, realizes
that regularly the men happen to be running around, the ladies happen to be creating their
special world of "loneliness and also womanliness. " Yet another interesting glimpse comes
about when Dean explains to Sal how Marylou, during which "dumb little pack,” had
identical visions of so this means and truth throughout marijuana that Dean received had.
Out at night time, Sal and also Dean observe a great alto sax gamer who "is" Carlo Marx,
another man who looks much like Bull Lee. It's that these are seeing ghosts of folks who find
themselves no longer well; their class provides fragmented, a period of time period has
handed down. Sal, as very well, has changed. He leaves with Dean because of real affection,
not the dedicated reverence he employed to have. If they had been deciding regarding him or
her only, he'd remain longer in Erases. Francisco. Dean needs them now; perhaps therefore,
Sal has developed into purposeful and apparent on himself for initially.
Mexico City could be the end of Sal and also Dean's restless wanderings together. Past
Gregorian, they have got gotten out of the element. They don't think an all- embracing
humanity when using the people they see, but discomfort and also difference. The alikeness
from the places forces Sal to see or watch clearly, objectively, along with the descriptions in
this type of section, free through his usual biases, may be vivid. The atmosphere inside

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