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MGT 216 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

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Read the short case, Customer Confidence Issue, in Ch. 3 of Managing Business Ethics
(Trevino & Nelson, 2007, p. 93). How would you resolve this moral dilemma? Explain
what your action would be, and how you would come to that decision?
Steps to solve an ethical dilemma.
Don’t make a snap decision.
The first step would be to gather as much information as I could. I want the facts. There
may be facts that are not available, but gather as much of the facts as possible.
Define the ethical issue. Don’t jump to any conclusions without knowing what the ethical
issue is that needs to be considered.
Identify all the possible people that will be affected. In any dilemma, there may be
different parties from different perspectives that may be affected by decisions made or
ethical issues tackled.
Identify the Consequences. Once the affected parties are recognized, one needs to
consider the potential consequences may have on all involved.
Identify obligations. One needs to understand what obligations are owed to whom. The
decision one makes about an ethical issue may change based on the obligation one owes
to which individuals.
Consider yourself. One needs to consider ones character and integrity in making ethical
decisions. A simple question will help you with this one. What would you do if Grandma
was watching you one TV discussing your decision, or even your spouse and kids?
Have all possible actions been considered? When one thinks about solutions and actions,
have all possible decisions been considered? Think outside the box.
What does common sense tell you? Once you have performed all previous steps, what
does your common sense tell you?
Over time, I have learned to do exactly what we have discussed here. If one follows
certain steps to come to a good ethical decision, one can usually come to a good decision. I think
learning to process steps applies to employees, managers as well as the CEO. The information
can change depending ones level within the company, so a decisions will vary based on the
amount of information which can affect an outcome.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.