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ADHD is treated with stimulant drugs.
These all have permanent effects on the
brain; knowing what they are is imperative.
Benefits of stimulant medications:
“Stimulants highlight many of the
frustrations of child and adolescent
psychiatrists and the patients and
families with whom they work” (Glen R.
Elliott, 2013).
Stimulants are designed to work quickly.
Stimulants work for a remarkably high
percentage of patients.
“Patients do not grow tolerant to the
stimulant effects and need higher and
higher doses, as occurs in stimulant
abuse” (Glen R. Elliott, 2013).
Adderall XR in combination with other medications can result in
Consequences of Stimulant
Be informed of the
benefits AND

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Distractability every once in awhile is not
appropriate grounds to initiate treatment.
Do your research before medicating your
Some children
have more energy
than others;
unless this is a
constant, do not
jump to the
conclusion that
they have a
Let children be
children until it
infringes upon
your role as a
Concerns of parents with children with ADHD
Concerns regarding over medication.
“Are they the culprits responsible for mental
health diagnoses such as attention deficit and
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bipolar
disorder in kids?” (Kearl, 2010).
Children medicated with stimulants creates
concern of a lifetime need of such stimulant use.
Stimulant use in young children… Does this limit
their growth and intellect?
Facts about ADHD
“Researchers have speculated that people with ADHD naturally have
more dopamine transporters in their brains” (Rettner, 2013).
Dopamine is responsible for many functions in the brain such as:
cognition, punishment, motivation, attention, mood, and sleep,
voluntary movement, learning and working memory.
“Approximately 4% to 6% of the U.S. population has ADHD. That is
about 8 to 9 million adults” (ADDA, 2013).
AD/HD is a diagnosis applied to children and adults who consistently
display certain characteristic behaviors over a period of time. The most
common core features include:
distractibility (poor sustained attention to tasks)
impulsivity (impaired impulse control and delay of gratification)
hyperactivity (excessive activity and physical restlessness)
Effects of stimulant drugs on the brain.
“People with attention deficit/hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD) who take certain
medications over long periods may develop
changes in their brains that ultimately
impact their ability to respond to the
drugs” (Rettner, 2013).
Improve attention, concentration and
All stimulants increase dopamine levels in
the brain.
“stimulants can increase brain dopamine in
a rapid and highly amplified manner—as
do most other drugs of abuse—disrupting
normal communication between brain cells,
producing euphoria, and increasing the risk
of addiction” (Rettner, 2013).
The impact of ADD/ADHD on parents
The demands of a child with ADD/ADHD =
physically exhausting.
The need to monitor the child’s activities and actions
= psychologically exhausting.
The child’s inability to “listen” = frustrating.
The child’s behaviors, and your knowledge of their
consequences = make you anxious and stressed.
If there’s a basic difference between your personality
and that of your child with ADD/ADHD, you may
find your child’s behaviors especially difficult to
Frustration can lead to anger= guilt about being
angry at your child.

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