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English Language Learners

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Social Science
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Insert surname1 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date English Language Learners Generally, most of the English language learners are usually people or children who have migrated from their home country to the U.S for various reasons and thus for this reason, usually they do not know how to speak and write fluent English or even might not know how to write and speak the English language at all. The main reason to this is because they are from a different background and culture that does not use English as their main language (Goodley et al., 2017).When this kind of people or children migrate to the United States which is a different kind of culture they usually have problems adapting to the new culture especially when they starting joining the schools here. Because English is the main language in the United States and is the only language being used at school the English language learners usually experience a lot of problems to understand what is being taught in the classroom and this may lead to the other students who are Native Americans to feel that these students are not part of them or their culture and thus they can start mistreating them and even neglecting them. This is the same case that happens to students with disabilities because they are students that need special requirements, the other students might start neglecting this kind of students because they may feel that they are not humans at all. Insert surname2 This is where the point of racism c ...
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