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Copy of the slides: (will also be put on the esse3 website) Exercise We are working for the Ministry of Innovation and Technologies and we are asked to start an initiative (project or operational work?) to favour the introduction of new technologies in the families …write the scope statement Risk Management "No-one ever got fired for buying IBM", Modern proverb (now somewhat outmoded) Risk management Two definitions of risk:  Risk is the possibility of suffering loss  Risk management collects techniques, know-how and process to help identify, assess, manage, and monitor risks Risk Management … is used in several fields: - Finance - Insurance - Engineering (safety critical, security, …) - … … and various techniques (FMEA, FTA, simulation, …) have been defined and adopted to assess it. Risk in Project Management  Project Risk is an event or condition that, if it occurs has positive or negative influence on an objective  Negative outcome: menace  Positive outcome: opportunity Risk and (Software) Project Management Various standards recognize the importance of risk in software development:  ISO/IEC 12207 (Information Technology Software life cycle processes)  UNI EN 29000-3 (Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 to software development and maintenance)  UNI ISO 10006 (Guidelines for managing projects) (Some) Goals of Risk Management Activities  Understanding whether a project is worth t ...
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