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Slavery And Its Impact

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Running head: SLAVERY AND DISCRIMINATION Slavery and Discrimination Name Institution Date 1 SLAVERY AND DISCRIMINATION 2 What do you see? The minority groups in the United States have been subjected to harsh treatment from the majority white population. The profiling of individuals within the society is a detrimental concept especially considering the important aspects of the constitution, which promote equality among all United States citizens. The African Americans have been largely affected by these issues where they are more affected by the manner they were treated during these times. Segregation is a key issue that has been highlighted when considering the treatment of Africans over the years. Suppressing the African slaves was seen as the only option to prevent them from achieving anything especially considering their population rise over the years. The slave trade was significant during the time and thus since the population of the blacks was increasingly higher when compared to the whites, developing racial, social structures were seen as the most effective method that would be developed to divide the high number of the blacks an eliminate the existence of any chance for wellbeing. The key concern among the whites at the time was mainly the notion that a unified black community would pose a huge threat their superiority and thus there was a significant need to incorporate any method available to hamper the unified black community in the region. This was very bac ...
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