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Marcus Garvey

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Social Science
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Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Class Date Marcus Garvey: Civil Right Activist An orator, political activist, and an entrepreneur, Marcus, was born and brought up in St. Jamaica at Ann's Bay in 1187. He spent his early life in St. Anna and after his elementary education; he studied to be an editor and later pursued his dream of working as a news editor. When growing up; he faced various challenges as a teenager. This included harsh treatment form white friends and this changed his thinking and course of life. During his early life, Marcus worked as an editor in Costa Rica and he regularly highlighted the plight of immigrants who worked in crop plantations (Christian 316). He would later become the Black autonomist lobby group leader by using the economic thoughts of Pan-Africanists to the enormous resources accessible in city centers. He as well as founded Negro Universal Association Improvement a movement whose focus was to bring together people of African Origin. This was aimed at empowering the Africans and giving them a purpose for living and champion for their rights. He criticized individuals who mistreated the black people. Marcus has been in the forefront in fighting for equal opportunities for all and has stood firm against racism. The iconic leader Marcus Garvey fought for the plight of the African Americans during the civil rights movements. Their contribution to fighting the equality through civil right led to a different direction of the history of ...
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