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COM 285 Week 2 Assignment Audience Analysis Paper


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Audience Analysis 1
Audience Analysis Paper
The presentation of any business information such as the current quarterly
sales of the company during a business meeting with group of stakeholders would
need the requirement of applying effective and good communication best compatible
to the diverse audience.
In-person business meetings with group of stakeholders involve audience that
may differ from the others in terms of position, culture, language, religion, beliefs,
and many other differences. Though the audience during the meeting may have
various similarities, anticipation of their differences must be anticipated knowing that
audience expected to attend will include groups of different stakeholders. The
delivery of the presentation would then need to be planned to accommodate all the
expected audience.
The speaker would need to be aware that the presentation will be delivered to
audience who may have different cultural background and may understand the
delivery of information differently depending on the way of delivery and depending
on how the channels of communication are used. The audience that will be in
attendance can be speculated to differ not only in their national culture but may also
differ in their personal and organizational cultures which may impact their views in
interpreting the information received depending on the mode of communication
(Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
The presentation of quarterly sales requires delivery of information bound
with simplicity and clarity. The speaker will be required to present all information
using appropriate channels that will enhance understanding of the delivered
information. The main communication channels include nonverbal, oral, and written
communication (Western Michigan University, 2002). The delivery of information to

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Audience Analysis 2
present the quarterly sales of the organization may need to use the combination of the
three principal communication channels to facilitate comprehension of all the
information delivered.
The speaker would need to be concerned not only on what channels would be
appropriate but most importantly, the speaker would need high awareness of how to
use the channels appropriately knowing that the meeting is expecting diverse
audience. Oral communication would be of course the main channel as the speaker
will need to explain the information presented. The use of non-verbal communication
would be also very important. For instance, the way how the speaker will
communicate himself through the way of his dressing, movements, gestures, smiles,
and quality of voice can have great impact to the audience. The image and impression
drawn by the audience to the speaker usually contribute good influence on getting
better level of reception. The use of written communication along with other channels
will be most helpful as long as the language use allows comprehensible
communication. The delivery of information along with handouts combined with
appropriate non-verbal communication will be helpful in creating a highly
comprehensive meeting with diverse audience.
The speaker may be well equipped with all the information and knowledge to
share to the audience. The best channels of communication may have been prepared.
However, the audience will be obliged to know what considerations to keep in mind
when dealing with a diverse audience in a business meeting. The speaker would be
needed never to miss the consideration that ideas on the way businesspeople
communicate vary from culture to culture (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). “Cultures differ
in how they communicate, how they use their time, and how they view themselves in
terms of empowerment and decision making (tvsetonline, 2008, para 1).” The diverse

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Audience Analysis 3
audience can there be speculated to differ with their views during the presentation.
Since different channels of communication will be used, it will be imperative
for the speaker to consider that the audience may have different values, beliefs, and
religions. The delivery of the presentation would then require the speaker to avoid
communication that may sound offensive to some of the audience being careful not to
invite any sort of discriminative remarks throughout the presentation. The careful use
proper of non-verbal communication must be always considered particularly that
interpretation of expressed non-verbal communications such as the smile, body
movements, and the gestures may differ across culture (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
Earlier consideration of having a bird’s eye view of the expected audience may help
the speaker in delivering the presentation highly suitable to the diverse audience.
Efficient oral communication requires understanding of the culture of others. During
the delivery of the presentation, it will be highly helpful if the speaker gives high
consideration to keep the focus straight to the issue when giving comments and
refrain from any sort of personal attacks while giving due respect to the audience
allowing them to express their opinions (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
The meeting is called for to let the audience understand the quarterly sales
report of the company. The main goal of the meeting would be effective delivery of
the message to the diverse audience. When the presentation is delivered in a fashion
tailored with intercultural communication considering the diversity of the audience,
effectiveness of message delivery will be high. How efficient is the delivery however
would be difficult without receiving the feedback of the audience. The audience
therefore will be mainly involved in giving feedbacks on the outcome of the
presentation. When the information are well presented and well communicated in the
most comprehensive fashion well understood by the audience that would mean

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