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Psychological Assessment (Reviewer - Cohen)

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Psychological Assessment Ronald Cohen Board Exam Reviewer Nino-Mhar Malana, RPm Chapter 1 Psychological Testing and Assessment  The use of testing to denote everything from test administration to test interpretation can be found in p ostwar textbooks as well as in various test-related writings for decades thereafter. However, by World War II a semantic distinction between testing and a more inclusive term, assessment, began to emerge.  We define psychological assessment as the gathering and integration of psychology - related data for the purpose of making a psychological evaluation that is accomplished through the use of tools such as tests, interviews, case studies, behavioral observation, and specially designed apparatuses and measurement procedures.  We define psychological testing as the process of measuring psychology-related variables by means of devices or procedures designed to obtain a sample of behavior. The process of assessment  In general, the process of assessment begins with a referral for assessment from a source such as a teacher, a school psychologist, a counselor, a judge, a clinician, or a corporate human resources specialist.  Some examples of referral questions are: “Can this child function in a regular classroom?”; “Is this defendant competent to stand trial?”; and “How well can this employee be expected to perform if promoted to an executive position?”  The assessor prepares for the assessment by selecting th ...
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