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B025 Foresee Great Things

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Health & Medical
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Running head: FORESEE GREAT THINGS 1 Foresee Great Things Institution Affiliation Date FORESEE GREAT THINGS 2 Forecast of the future of healthcare finance Similarly, to any other sector, the healthcare sector may change in the future. On area that I forecast will change in the future is healthcare finance. The healthcare industry or system has gone through great changes over the years, and these changes seem that they will continue to take place. Focusing on healthcare finance, I forecast that the cost of getting healthcare or medical services will reduce and healthcare services will become affordable. This is because of the new technologies that continue to be developed every day (Enthoven, 2014). These healthcare-related technologies will make it easy to provide medical services to patients who will reduce the cost of providing these services. The role I would play in helping to build that future As a nurse entrepreneur, I will play a big role in making medical services in the nation to be affordable. This is because running, promoting and establishing a company within the healthcare industry increases the number of healthcare organizations that are in the country (Meek, 20 ...
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