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MGT 216 Week 3 Individual Assignment Ethics Game Simulation

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Ethics Game Simulation 1
Ethics Game Simulation: Reflective Journal
The Ethics Game Simulation which reflected a situation faced by G-Biosport showcased
two cases: The Case of Fair Warning and the Case of Stringent Standard. The stakeholders
involved in the simulation included the shareholders, international customers of the G-Biosport,
and the administrative staff members of the G-Biosport which include the Chief Executive
Officer (CEO), director of operations, quality control manager, and director of public relations.
The two cases reflected in the simulation will; be highlighted in this reflective journal.
The Case of Fair Warning
In the simulation, the discovery of the tainting or contamination of the G-Biosport
products with hazardous Fibranafren was late. The products were already out and disposed to the
market upon the discovery. The administrative staff of the company shared their opinions on the
issues. In light of ethical conduct, the customers always have the right to know not only to
quality products that meet stated purpose but also have the right to know the safety aspects on
using the product. That right would have been the very reason of requiring every company to
give due warnings indicated in the product labels or package before marketing the product. With
the situation in the simulation, the hazard was identified after the product was already out. In
such situation, the quality control manager is supposed to act responsibly by disseminating the
potential risks and hazards discovered on the product to the stakeholders.
The main players directly involved in the company should be actively involved in giving
warning to the public not only for the protection of the company but most importantly for the
protection of the rights of the customers and public. The customers and the public who are on the
verge of great potential risk have the right to receive the warning on the potential danger from
the product. The company would be required to use all initiative to rapidly spread the

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Ethics Game Simulation 2
information to the public using all efficient avenues such as the media, press, and the internet.
The marketing of the tainted would need to be pulled out at once. Since, come customers have
already purchased the product, they may be offered full refund or exchange with safer product.
The company would need to deal with all the stakeholders.
The decision suggested are based on following deontological ethics which is also known
as duty-based ethics. Companies involved in production of consumer goods are bound to the
duty, obligation, and responsibilities to provide the customers with safe and quality products. In
case of identified risks or harm, the companies have the duty to inform the customers and the on
accomplishment of moral obligation of the organization not to deceive the customers and not to
conceal the information on the risks identified (University of Florida, n.d.). Concealing the truth
about the discovered risk on the product would be in violation of deontological ethics.
The Case of Stringent Standards
In the simulation, the quality control manager would be required to adhere with
compliance to the US quality and safety standards before the products are sold. The
administrative staff members would need to determine the value of the stakeholders since the
issue can potentially cause harm not only to the customers but also to the other stakeholders.
While customers may be potentially harmed directly, the other stakeholders particularly the
company and the shareholders will share the loss once the reputation of G-Biosport is tainted.
The possibility of lawsuits also carries high potentials of incurring huge loss to the company. The
company may be tempted to give priority to the profitability of the business in the current
situation but the issue can incur huge loss in the long run if proper action is not taken. With
compliance to the standards, the welfare and safety of the public, the shareholders, and the
organization as a whole will be protected. The application of such concept demonstrates

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Ethics Game Simulation 3
application of utilitarian ethics in the company. Utilitarian Ethics places concern on the
correctness of the act and is based on the common goods placing emphasis on whatever is highly
pleasurable or satisfying to the people’s interest (Brown, 2007).
Relationship between Virtue, Values, and Moral Concepts
Business will not be business if the interest does not focus on the profits and revenues.
The process of carrying out business however would need to follow the sheds of ethics in the
conduct of organization. The requirement to impose ethical conduct in organization would be
employees aware and guided with morally acceptable conduct and behavior. The standards on
moral conduct may have individual variation per influence of the culture and personal
upbringing and influences on concepts and ideologies. The differences in individual virtues,
concepts, and moral values could cause conflict in the organizational behavior but can be
avoided with implementation of standard code of conduct that will govern members of the
Workplace Example
The situation showcased in the simulation is not something unique but a similar situation
encountered by many companies. The ethical issues on the Nestle infant’s formula for instance
have not been completely resolved. The promotion of the Nestle’s Good Start for instance used
the propaganda that the infant formula decreases the risk of infant allergy. The promotion used
the alleged fraudulent published research by the company scientist (INFACT Canada, n.d.).
Instead of protecting the right of the customers to be informed of what is right, the practice of
Nestle apparently would suggest selfish agenda looking only on the concerns on the benefits of
the organization. The company total sales may have not totally brought the company down but
the global criticism and condemnation of the company has not ceased.

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