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Class discussion week 8




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A corporation is liable for the torts and crimes that are committed by
its agents and employees when they are acting within the scope of
their employment. Directors, ocers, and employees are personally
liable for the torts and crimes that they commit within the scope of
their employment.
Can and should these principles be applied to the disaster at the
Deepwater Horizon oshore oil drilling platform in April 2010?
If so, how?
Absolutely these principles need to be held accountable for the
disaster at Deepwater Horizon oshore drilling platform in April
2010. They need to clean up their mess. It’s just like BP back in the
gulf. Think of the animals involved and now that their homes are
ruined or worse the fact that they can die because of the drilling. It’s
not like we go to the driller’s home and ruining or make their home
inhabitable. I understand the concept of drilling and why we need to
do it but in the same breath no one is thinking about the little seal
that is going to die and not have a home because someone messed
up. These companies should have to do more than just pay some
+ne, clean up the mess, and make some promotional statement that
makes everything better. I just wish the law would make it more
justice for the little seal, penguin or other sea like creature.

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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.