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Comprehensive Project 1
Comprehensive Project
Courtney N. Jenkins
The University of Akron

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Comprehensive Project 2
This paper is designed to focus on Woodridge districts profile along with their
primary schools profile focusing on diversity, location, social economic status, district
ratings, number of performance indicators met, AYP determination, and value added
information. This paper will also identify my personal ideal classroom focusing on age,
grade, diversity, and the appearance of the classroom.
The cognitive development stage(s) that my students are in, and the appropriate
teaching practices that could be used on my students. This paper also focuses on Piaget
stages of development and what my students are capable of doing depending on their
stage. It also focuses on Vygotsky’s strategy known as scaffolding, and how I as a teacher
could use the strategy in an activity with a student.
The stage of psychosocial development that my students are in, and how it
influences their sense of self and self socialization. Along with, how the factors of
parenting styles, cultures, and peers may influence my students personal development.
The different forms of social development, moral development, and some aspects
of bullying. Along with appropriate teaching practices and strategies I could use with my
students in my classroom.
The different forms of assessments including diagnostic, formative, summative,
and authentic and explains what the assessment is, why I would use the assessment, and
an example of the assessment that defines it.

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Comprehensive Project 3
District Profile
I have chosen to use Woodridge school district from the ODE website; I will be
focusing everything on the kindergarten class which is located in the primary school.
First I am going to talk about Woodridge school district as a whole. Woodridge is a
diverse district located in a rural part of Northeastern Ohio, having a variety of students
attending each year that are from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The district
consist of 18.9% Black, non Hispanic, 1.7% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.4% Hispanic,
4.0% Multi-Racial, and 74.0% White, non Hispanic. The percent of students who attend
school in the Woodridge school district with a disability is 16.2%. The percent of students
who attend school in the Woodridge school district who are economically disadvantaged
is 30.7%. Woodridge school district is considered to be excellent with distinction, which
is very good, because it is the highest of the six designations. A designation level is
determined based on the combination of the four measures including state indicators,
performance index, AYP, and value added measure. In the state of Ohio there are 30 state
indicators that need to be met by a district; Woodridge did a fantastic job falling short
only by one meeting 29 of the 30. There is an adequate yearly progress known as AYP,
which needs to be met by districts each year, Woodridge district met successfully, and
received an ok in district improvement. AYP is a federally required measure that every
school and district must meet they are goals that are set for reading and mathematics
proficiency and participation, attendance rate, and graduation rate. Woodridge school
district also received a + in the value added measure (which is above normal) this is the
progress the district has made with its students since last school year.

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