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MDCAT English Quick Practice Book Oldest, Largest and Most Credible Platform 1 Chapter 05 Adjectives 2 Modifiers Modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that modifies- that is, gives information aboutanother word in the same sentence. Examples: ▪ Pakistan has overcome its energy crisis. ▪ The student who topped the exam prepared from Nearpeer. Types of Modifiers 1. Adverb 2. Adjective Adjectives Adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun. Examples: ▪ I am eating a spicy burger. (Describing a noun) ▪ He is handsome. (Describing a pronoun) Types of Adjectives: (Placement wise) 1. Attributive 2. Predicative 3. Postpositive 1. Attributive: Adjective that comes before a noun is called an attributive adjective. Examples: ▪ He has ordered a new car. ▪ Ayesha likes to wear flamboyant dress. ▪ He filled a plastic bottle. 2. Predicative: Adjectives that come after the noun is called a predicative adjective. Examples: ▪ The match was boring. ▪ The boy was tall. ▪ The book was informative. 3 3. Postpositive: Sometimes an adjective does occur immediately after a noun especially in certain sectionalized expressions. Examples: ▪ The Governor General ▪ Attorney General ▪ Postmaster General ▪ Poet Laureate ▪ Time past There will be time enough to prepare for the exams. Coordinate Vs Cumulative Adjectives Coordinate Adjectives: Coordinate adjectives describe a noun in a same way. They describe the features of same kin ...
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