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Running head: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Questions and answers Name Course Institution Professor Date 1 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2 Questions and answers Question One As the controller's boss, I would have to consider the previous performance by Kay and how she had contributed to the success of business operations. In this case, I would state the performance evaluation results and the past way in which Kay had managed to control the challenges which she had faced in the past (Price, 2007). These concerns would guide in the decision-making process of determining the fate of Kay. Based on the past contributions, however, it would become unnecessary to terminate her employment based on the fact that she could not work full time. These concerns would make it easy to make the right decision on how to treat Kay. Question Two A high-performance work system has five elements including the organizational structure, task design, people, the reward systems and information systems. The five elements work together and determine the success of an organization in the long term (Price, 2007). The organizational structure refers to how people and departments work together. The task design, on the othe ...
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