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BIS219 Final Exam 3


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1. NAME_____________________________
1. IT personnel use _____ to produce _____.
A. IT components, IT services
B. Computer-based information systems, IT architecture
C. IT infrastructure, IT architecture
D. IT infrastructure, IT platform
2. Amazon is using its IT infrastructure to deliver a variety of services for all of the following reasons
A. because the company only uses 10 percent of its processing capacity at any one time
B. to stabilize profits and revenue
C. to compete with Google
D. to help start-up companies with their IT needs
3. Which of the following statements about information systems is not correct?
A. Information systems are concentrated in the IS Department.
B. Information systems tend to follow the structure of the organization.
C. Information systems are based on the needs of employees.
D. Any information system can be strategic.
E. Managing information systems is difficult.
4. The Internet has had which of the following impacts on the way you purchase your textbooks?
A. The Internet gives you fewer choices.
B. The Internet increases your bargaining power.
C. The Internet provides you with less information.
D. The Internet decreases your bargaining power.
E. The Internet increases your switching costs.
5. Which of the following is a traditional, major IS function?
A. Managing systems development
B. Partnering with the firm s executives
C. Managing outsourcing
D. Educating non-IS managers about IT
E. Incorporating the Internet and electronic commerce into the business
6. Which of the following is not an overall trend in software?
A. Increased complexity
B. Increased cost
C. Increased number of errors
D. Increased amount of mainframe software written by users
E. Increasingly large percentage of information systems costs
7. Which of the following is not a characteristic of today s typical software?
A. Efficient
B. Full of errors
C. Poorly designed

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D. Expensive
E. An art as well as a science
8. Which of the following is not an advantage of open-source software?
A. Produces high quality code
B. Produces code that can be changed to meet the needs of the users
C. Bugs are discovered quickly
D. Support available only through online communities of core developers
E. Produces reliable code
9. A(n) _____ is a network designed to serve the internal informational needs of a single organization.
A. global network
B. extranet
C. Internet
D. intranet
E. World Wide Web
10. Applications offered by the Internet include which of the following?
A. remote diagnosis
B. digital libraries
C. distance education
D. virtual laboratories
E. all of the above
11. The _____ is a global wide-area network that connects approximately one million organizational
computer networks.
A. global network
B. extranet
C. Internet
D. intranet
E. World Wide Web
12. The ______________________ holds that the timing of the user of specialized knowledge can create
a differentiation advantage as long as the knowledge remains unique.
A. stakeholder s model
B. shareholder value model
C. customer relationship model
D. stockholder share model
E. unlimited resources model
13. The business diamond is useful for designing new organizations and diagnosing organizational
troubles. Which component of the business diamond would include payroll, accounting, and inventory?
A. Business Processes
B. Values and Beliefs
C. Tasks and Structures
D. Business Levers
E. Management Systems

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14. General managers should take an active role in decisions about information systems. This is vital
because of which one of the following reasons?
A. IS cannot be trusted to make good decisions.
B. IS staff has not been trained to make general business decisions.
C. IS personnel do not have the companies best interests as their focus
D. IS systems are designed to support business decisions.
E. IS systems are normally incongruent with business goals.
15. It is very difficult to manage data for which of the following reasons?
A. amount of data stays about the same over time
B. data are scattered throughout organizations
C. decreasing amount of external data needs to be considered
D. data security is easy to maintain
E. data are stored in the same format throughout organizations
16. You have moved to a different apartment, but your electricity bill continues to go to your old address.
The Post Office in your town has a problem with its data management, which is:
A. Data redundancy
B. Data inconsistency
C. Data isolation
D. Data security
E. Data dependence
17. The data in a data warehouse have which of the following characteristics?
A. are organized by subject
B. are coded in different formats
C. are updated in real time
D. are typically retained for a defined, but limited, period of time
E. are organized in a hierarchical structure
18. Electronic commerce provides opportunities to do all of the following except:
A. For companies to expand their reach
B. For companies to expand at relatively high cost
C. For companies to put rich information on their Web sites
D. For companies to increase market share
E. For companies to adopt new business models
19. The advantages of B2C for consumers include all of the following except:
A. You can buy from home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
B. You have a wider variety of products to choose from.
C. You typically cannot access additional information, so you do not have information overload.
D. You can easily compare prices and features.
E. You can find unique items.

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