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BIS219 Final Exam 2


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1) The modern business environment has all of the following characteristics except:
A. Interconnected
B. Relatively static
C. Global
D. Competitive
2) _____ conveys understanding, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current
A. Information
B. Experience
C. Data
D. Knowledge
3) The fact that you practice continuous computing means all of the following except:
A. You can pull information about almost everything from anywhere all the time.
B. Your daily routines are exactly the same as students 20 years ago, but you do your tasks
much slower and with more effort.
C. You are surrounded by a movable information network.
D. You can push your ideas to the web.
4) Which of the following is not a major capability of IS?
A. Provide fast, accurate communications among organizations
B. Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of people working in groups
C. Perform high-speed, high-volume numerical computations
D. Store small amounts of information in a large space
5) A set of programs that enable hardware to process data is _____.
A. software
B. network
C. hardware
D. database
6) A collection of related files, tables, and so forth that stores data and the associations among
them is _____.
A. software
B. network
C. hardware
D. database
7) You are registering for the next semester at your university. The combination of your previous
experience registering, your major, the courses you need, the prerequisites for each course, the
times you need for each course, the professors teaching each section, and your work schedule
means that you are using _____ to select your class schedule.
A. knowledge
B. wisdom
C. information

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D. expertise
8) _____ is data that have been organized to have meaning and value to a recipient.
A. Information
B. Experience
C. Data
D. Knowledge
9) _____ are the computer hardware, software, and communications technologies that are used
by IT personnel to produce IT services.
A. IT services
C. IT components
10) What is the most significant benefit of Panasonic®'s new data management system?
A. Improved time-to-market for products
B. Company moved from push inventory model to pull model
C. Cost savings
D. Reduced time required for creating and maintaining product information
11) The end result of the data life cycle is the generation of _____.
A. data
B. wisdom
C. information
D. knowledge
12) Panasonic® wants to double its profit margins. What is the biggest problem Panasonic® has
that could prevent attaining this goal?
A. The company faces fierce global competition.
B. The company faces rapid improvements in technology.
C. The company cannot raise its prices.
D. The company has inconsistent business information.
13) _____ occurs when the same data are stored in many places.
A. Data integrity
B. Data redundancy
C. Data isolation
D. Data consistency
14) _____ occurs when various copies of the data agree.
A. Data integrity
B. Data redundancy
C. Data isolation
D. Data consistency

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15) In the data hierarchy, the smallest element is the _____.
A. bit
B. character
C. record
D. byte
16) The data in a data warehouse have which of the following characteristics?
A. Coded in different formats
B. Updated in real time
C. Organized by subject
D. Typically retained for a defined, but limited, period of time
17) _____ are fields in a record that have some identifying information but typically do not
identify the record with complete accuracy.
A. Secondary keys
B. Duplicate keys
C. Primary keys
D. Attribute keys
18) In a database, the primary key field is used to _____.
A. create linked lists
B. identify duplicated data
C. specify an entity
D. uniquely identify a record
19) In this type of e-commerce, the sellers and buyers are organizations.
A. Consumer-to-consumer
B. Business-to-business
C. Government-to-citizen
D. Business-to-consumer
20) J&R Electronics®' biggest problem was which of the following?
A. The company had a limited range of products.
B. The company had too many products, which confused customers with too many
C. The company was limited by its physical location.
D. The company's sales staff was not knowledgeable enough about the company's products.
21) The nature of business competition is changing drastically as a result of all of the following
A. The diversity of electronic commerce-related products and services
B. The increase in the number of digitizable products
C. New online companies
D. Companies having difficulty integrating their physical and electronic channels

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