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Transformational Leadership Theory

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Running head: TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORY TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORY Transformational Leadership Savior C Wright University of the Rockies 1 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORY 2 Abstract The Transformational Leadership theory is the most influential type of theory that is used by the leaders to inspire and motivate their followers. This theory is characterized by self-management, taking of risks, making of sound decisions under difficult circumstances, inspiration and motivation, proactive and leading by vision. This theory is most applicable to the organizational setup and it has played a big role in promoting good leadership in organizations. The impacts of the transformational leadership theory include improved performance, the existence of peace and harmony between the followers and the leaders and the transformation of followers into leaders. This theory assumes that people are always willing to follow a leader who can inspire them, a person with passion and vision can achieve great things in life and things can be well done by injecting enthusiasm and motivation. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORY 3 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORY Introduction The transformational leadership is the process by which leaders & their followers uplift one another to higher levels of motivation and morality. This theory is all about achieving the organizational objectives through the motivation and inspiration of the followers by the leaders (Hamad, 2015). The con ...
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