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Running head: EXAM: SHORT ANSWER 1 Exam: Short Answer Name Institution EXAM: SHORT ANSWER 2 Exam: Short Answer Question 2 The film “Stonewall” purports to present the nature and the story of the Stonewall Riots yet that has not been effective. By presenting the story of Danny Winters, the film narrows down on the character’s race, traits, and even background thus mistakenly presenting Stonewall as based on this single character as opposed to the entire story of Stonewall. Primarily, the Stonewall Riots are remembered by the movement of a young LGBTQ+ community consisting mainly of city youth in the Greenwich Village. However, Emmerich presents the story of a single boy who escapes homophobia from the countryside to join the more liberal city youth. By doing so, he diverts the attention of the viewer from the actual diversity of the identities of the rioters and makes the viewer think of only a single identity. According to Kuhn (2011), Danny’s character represents the real-life story of Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt. However, the identity of Tommy is not the same as the identity of the Stonewall rioters. To avoid this harm of narrowing the identity of the LGBTQ+ community tha ...
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