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BIS219 Week 2 Individual Assignment Club IT, Part One


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Club IT 1 1
Club IT Part 1
The social nature of humans has made development of places where people can
meet with friends. The places for socialization like entertainment clubs have turned as
one of the profitable industries. The Club IT has been successful in venturing with the
downtown music which has been increasing in popularity as a good place to enjoy with
the beats of music while hanging out with friends. The experience-based learned skills of
the proprietors Liza Tejada and Ruben Keys had been contributing to the successful
operation of the business. The knowledge on the principles of management acquired from
college education has added to the advantage of effective management of the club. Club
IT has been showing very good business potentials however the lacking application of
information technology has been increasing the cost of operation of the club (Rainer &
Turban, 2008). The speed of providing services to the clienteles has been lagging behind
with the competitors.
Liza and Ruben have been striving to offer the customers with live music, good
DJ’s, spacious dance floor and refreshment suitable to the lifestyle of the clienteles
(Rainer & Turban, 2008). The club has targeted building of community out of the
clienteles coming to the club regularly. The management and staff of the club has been
working hard to guarantee the clienteles with satisfactory fun and enjoyment with the
club’s friendly and efficient services and with the best selection of hip-hop, techno, and
electronica played either by live band performance or through music play list (Rainer &
Turban, 2008). The club has envisioned easy community building once the trusts of the
satisfied clienteles are gained.
The good services of Club IT has been increasing in popularity as a good place for
entertainment and socialization. The club structure would be described as a typical club
with music and dance floor, booths, tables, and bar catering the entertainment needs of
the clienteles who can also enjoy with very affordable drinks and appetizers (Rainer &
Turban, 2008). The club has initiated adaptation of the advantages offered by the
information technology. Club IT made easy accessibility to the basic information on the
club’s operation and management through its intranet resources applying basic computer
based-information system to facilitating some tasks of the club operation (Rainer &

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Club IT 1 2
Turban, 2008 p 31). The intranet portals also allow customers to order and purchase any
merchandise offered by the club.
The intranet portal of the club has implemented some security in accessing the
information resources by the requirement to login to enter the site with automated users
name and password. The portal contains information in a very simple yet apparently old-
fashioned structure. The mission statement of the club demonstrates simplicity yet
lacking in objectivity suggesting a need of restatement. The information pages apparently
has indicates needs of modification and updating. The pages contain substantial
information about the club yet the organization of the information appears to have
similarity to reports compiled in a manual book. The lacking software applications which
could improve the practicality and efficiency of information management could be easily
The records of the previous sales performances of Club IT have suggested the
promising business success. The increasing number of the clienteles has inspired and
motivated Liza and Ruben to renovate the club physically to make the place more
attractive to the customers. The club has been predicting upsurge of customers. The
lacking technology has been noticed by the management. Liza and Ruben have taken
initiative to update the system to be able to provide the clienteles with speeded services
while improving its competitive edge (Rainer & Turban, 2008 p 36).
The operation improvement plans of the club would need updating of its
information resources platform with the use of the recent applications that can facilitate
effectiveness of information processing and management. The system in transaction
processing (Rainer & Turban, 2008 p.34) would need improvement such as with the
implementation of applications that allows speeded and safe mode of payment such as
through electronic commerce system (Rainer & Turban, 2008 p 35). The current
merchandising system of the club has enabled the clienteles to initiate transaction by
placing order and purchasing through the club’s intranet portals. However, the
transactions entered would require approval before it can be completed. The current
trends in business transactions where speed has become a significant factor, the
competitors would be taking advantage over the Club IT. The outdated trend of the club’s
system in carrying our transactions would cause some difficulty in providing speeded

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Club IT 1 3
services to the increasing number of clienteles which could be improved by promotion of
safe e-commerce. The e-commerce system will save the time of Ruben and Liza as
approval of orders and counterchecking of credit cards will be no longer needed which
would mean more time for both to focus more on management aspects of the club. The
application of the e-commerce along with system application like executive dashboard
(Rainer & Turban, 2008 p 35) would ease the monitoring of sales products (Inetsoft
Technology Corporation, 2010).
The mode of handling the financial and business-related records of the club
demonstrating lacking clarity and transparency would also need modification. The current
records available in the intranet portal of the club have been showing vagueness and are
quiet confusing. Though the current management of the club has been proving success,
the budget management has been showing some inefficiency implying the need of
considering application of software that could enhance the management and auditing of
the budget allocation in club operation. The implementation of a decision support system
application for instance would be helpful in easy accessibility to the budget data. Analysis
would be facilitated making the budget adjustment easier. The club has established
connections with other organizations however the club has yet to make use of application
that could speed up connecting with others such as through networking to speed up the
communication and carrying out of transactions. Data processing would also
improvement to allow better delivery of information by Club IT.
The business in Club IT has been currently doing daily ‘business as usual’. The
club has been showing good potentials and has been on the process of expansion plans.
The lacking information technology system and software application has not slipped over
the awareness of the management. Liza and Ruben has been keen in development plans
to keep the competitiveness of their business. The implementation of updated system and
software application would be the only way that will keep the Club IT par or even take
the lead over the business rivals. The recommendations to update the information
technology application in Club IT would hopefully help Ruben and Liza to have their
dreams of expanding Club IT within reach.

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