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Running head: COMMON LAW 1 COMMON LAW Name: Institution Affiliation: COMMON LAW 2 Common Law Contracts are associated with a wide range of activities that happen each day. They are voluntary arrangements between at least two or more parties in which an agreement is reached by both parties. All parties at that point recognize the terms and conditions that are distinguished in the agreement once the agreement has been reached, (Llewellyn, 2016). In this paper, contracts, the five components that would make an agreement enforceable, why a specific contract situation is governed by custom-based law or the Uniform Commercial Code, and distinguish conditions in which a non-compete agreement would be enforceable will be discussed. There is additionally a wide range of legitimate types of contracts. The fundamental ones are verbal, written, standard form and period contracts. They vary regarding the benefits and risks associated with them; however, each depends on communication so that an agreement reached. At a point when parties go into an agreement, they are consenting to do some work in exchange for some benefit, generally a form a payment. Written contracts are those that are written and state all the details of the agreement. They reduce risks associated with the contract and ensure that all the terms and conditions are agreed by both parties. Having a written contract is advantageous since it ensures that all the details of the contract are available, helps in avoiding c ...
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