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Opioid Overdose Crisis

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1 OPIOID OVERDOSE CRISIS Your Name Subject Date 2 Prescription opioids refer to medications that are synthetically like endorphins which are synthesized by our bodies naturally to avert pain. Opioids are naturally found in the seed case of the opium poppy plant. Opioid medication is made from plants, modified in the laboratory or be fully man-made. They are therefore packaged as pills that are meant to relieve severe pain such as cancer pain or injuries that are gotten as a result of sports activities. Even though it is not clear to as whether they can heal long time pains, they are prescribed to perform this task. Opioids are much safer when they are prescribed for a shorter time and they can combat pain in an effective manner. Though, addiction and dependence are as yet potential dangers when taking opioids. Dependence implies that you feel side effects of withdrawal when not taking the medication. When these drugs are continually used, they lead to addiction, where you keep on using in spite of negative outcomes. Pharmaceutical companies had promised that use of opioid pain relievers has no effect of addiction on the patients making healthcare providers to prescribe them at relatively greater rates. The end results of these prescriptions have been a widespread misuse of the medication and addiction. National Institute of Insurance addresses this crisis by coming up with a complete initiative on opioid addiction and pain. Around 115 Americans kick the bucket in the wake ...
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