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COM 200 Week 5 Final Paper Letter of Advice Paper


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Letter of Advice: A Long-lasting Loving Healthy Relationship
The One
COM 200
The Two
Hi Tim and Sara,

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My name is.
I understand that you two are newly engaged, and were made aware that I was taking a
course in Interpersonal Communication; additionally, as a couple you are seeking suggestions
and advice regarding your relationship. I will share knowledge from the course material, and
from my life experiences both good and bad. In this letter I will discuss strategies for empathic
listening, recognizing the power of words, how nonverbal expressions affect relationships, and
how to create a positive communication climate. Let me assure you that this letter will certainly
serve as a footprint for ways to better your relationship. I am extremely honored to share some
dynamics of interpersonal relationships with you, Tim and Sara. First I would like to qualify
myself by stating that with the help of God, my wife and I celebrated 31 years of marriage on
April 19, 2011; thus, I know a little bit about how to maintain a long-lasting loving healthy
relationship. Furthermore, the day is your lucky day for the reason that I will share my
knowledge with both of you today and set you on a path toward a long-lasting, loving, and
healthy relationship.
First I want to share a little bit of information about myself. I married my high school
sweetheart in 1980, and we are still together after 31 years. I am the father of three wonderful
children and from them I have three grandchildren. My two granddaughters are the most
beautiful girls in the world with the exception of my wife, and I believe that is enough about me.
All right let me began with a brief introduction of what my thoughts are regarding Interpersonal
Communication; additionally, I will reference different material throughout this letter. The
human race is a highly interactive being who desire and crave relationships with others of its
kind (Sole, 2011, p. 22). I believe Life is the most precious gift in the world; moreover, empathy
is the power that sustains that gift of life.
In other words, when people in intimate relationships concern themselves with the
problems and issues of others with compassion, and sympathy, life continues to advance. As
imperfect and perfect as humans are, empathy serves as a yoke or connection that balances out
what humanity can achieve. When couples communicate, it requires a sender (the root of the
message), and the receiver (the person on the receiving end of the message) to engage in
interpersonal communication. One of the keys to a strong and long-term relationship is the
ability to communicate well, and to listen effectively when someone else is talking.

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Occasionally, you may have to put up with or deal with uncomfortable situations from
each others pass e.g., children, and pass friendships. I would not necessary worry about this early
in the relationship. From my experience as your relationship develops, these situations will
correct itself; thus I know each relationship in different. I mention my parents earlier and how
they help guide my footsteps in my marriage, and this is an example. My wife endured my
friends more than she would have like to for the first three years of our marriage, and believed
she had to accept my friends as well. My father saw what was transpiring and read a Bible
passage to me. (Genesis 2:24 King James Version), therefore shall a man leave his father and
mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. I still spent time with my
friends; however, my wife came first in every aspect of my life.
Develop strategies for active, critical, and empathic listening.
According to Orbuch, a research scientist, people can chat for hours and never at one
time discuss some meaningful or significant content; therefore, couples can improve and develop
sustainable communication that proven useful in relationship, and cheerful marriages that endure
for life (as cited in Schoenberg, 2011). Orbuch who just a short time ago wrote regarding the
down-to-earth connotations of her analysis concerning taking steps to elevate marriage form
marginal to exceptional by participating in substance discussion daily for approximately 10
minutes (Schoenberg, 2011). One most certain path to trustworthy relationships, emotional
intimacy, and cheerful marriages is using well polish listening skills, and empathy.
One may often need to reflect on many types of listening skills such as people skills,
emotional intelligence, appropriate skill selection, and communication ethically. A listener is
thought of empathic not entirely for the reason he or she listens; however, as well in consequence
that he or she makes it understandable that he or she is paying full attention. Newlywed couples
need to develop strategies for effective listening for instance, encouraging each other to
communicate absence of judgment, show patience and do not interrupt each other, and allow the
one disclosing to conduct the conversation. According to Sole (2011),“researchers report that
most of us spend more time listening than talking (p. 39);” however, permitting the person with
the predicament to do majority of the discussing not only shows concern for one another;
additionally, it binds, and strengthen relationships on many levels.
Upon conversation with many of my colleagues in the music profession, I found that
most of them implied that their communication skills exceeded average, and people more, or less

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