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Running head: HISTORICAL EVENTS 1 Historical Events Institutional Affiliation Date HISTORICAL EVENTS 2 Question One The United States war in Vietnam is viewed as a failure by both the supporters and critics of this war. The supporters of the war strongly believe that the defeat in Vietnam was psychological. Victory according to these supporters was possible if the political leadership in the United States had sustained tremendous support for the fight. On the other hand, critics do argue that the Vietnam War was unwinnable as it was the Vietnamese attitude that was decisive. The communists in South Vietnam had a great influence in the country. They promised to bring about a reform of the corrupt-economic system that for a long time had kept the people trapped in poverty hence through this; they were able to persuade so many people to fight and die for them (Summers, 1995). Therefore, defeating the Vietnamese under this condition was not possible according to the critics. The only way that victory was going to be possible was if the South Vietnamese people did not allow the communist guerrillas to hide amongst them. The United States ought to learn from the Vietnam War. One of the lessons to learn is that there is no need to get into a war without an exit strategy. The war went on for a long time because no one knew the next step. Americans also can learn that some wars are more inclined in the minds and hearts of the people. For instance, it was tough to win the Vietnam ...
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