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Nutr 600 fall 2016

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NUTR 600: 2016 Human Metabolism: Macronutrients Instructors: Rosalind Coleman, MD Office Hours: 2301 MHRC; please email to make an appointment Web: Deborah Muoio, PhD Elle Glenny Natalia Surzenko Emma Allott, PhD TAs: Jenny Gilbert Tania Aburto Soto Time/place: Fall 2016: 10:10 -11:00 MWF / 2306 McGavran-Greenberg Prerequisites: NUTR 400 (or CHEM/BIOL 430) OR for PhD students, a biochemistry course; CHEM 261 (organic chemistry) & BIOL 252 (anatomy/physiology) or equivalents. Course Description: My objective is to enable UNC students to understand the relationships between macronutrient biochemistry and metabolism during specific physiological and disease states. We will cover the metabolic and physiological functions of nutrients at different levels - molecular, cellular, organ and whole body. We will focus on aspects of current research that are relevant to macronutrientrelated diseases (e.g. atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, perinatal growth). Students will be encouraged to develop their ability to analyze current articles/ reviews/ advertising/ diet and drug recommendations related to the topics of this course. Text: PowerPoints for the lectures will be available to you before the relevant class. I recommend that you look at the PPTs before class. Lippincott's Illustrated ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.