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How Technology Is Changing The Way That We Interact 1

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Running head: INFLUENCE OF TECHNOLOGY ON INTERACTIONS How Technology is changing the way we interact Name Instructor Institution Date 1 INFLUENCE OF TECHNOLOGY ON INTERACTIONS 2 Introduction Technology has been advancing every now and then and the digital media devices which have an infinite potential for further growth are changing the way people interact. These digital media devices have altered the face of communication because they have gathered momentum at a fast rate. People of all walks of lives have become more technology savvy, abandoned the older forms of media and are increasingly affiliated to social media content (Pamment, 2015, p.188). There are some ramifications of the influence of technology on the interactions of people. The first ramification is that human interactions which have always been based on basic social skills over many years have been altered because today, people’s emphasis on technology has led to the loss of these basic social skills. The other consequence is that people who interact via the internet using these digital media devices no longer have the ability of knowing the facial expressions of the other party during the conversations (Li, 2011, p.6). These people no longer understand important body language cues because the number of face to face daily interactions have decreased massively. The young people who are in their teens are the most affected by the advancement of technology hence their brain circuits which were prima ...
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