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Website Evaluation 1

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Running head: WEBSITE EVALUATION 1 Website Evaluation Name Institution WEBSITE EVALUATION 2 Presently, it is important for every firm to have a strong website. Such website helps to set the tone with the customers and the entire world. Further, the ability of the site to convert the potential customers is very crucial for the present web-centric society (Dweiri et AL. 2016). Therefore, this paper will take the opportunity to analyze three different websites from different industries to help in conveying the potential of website performance. Caterpillar As one hit the website, a homepage is provided that request one to select both the region and the language to use while browsing the site. The site presents over 18 different language translation with specified regions such as Eurasia, North America and North America. The site further high quality photographs to show different products of the organization. While browsing the products, they have provided a single standard tie that helps to define all their products. This approach allows most audience to focus only on the products without being distracted by the other images within the surrounding of the website. Based on the features presented on site, caterpillar website has proved to be one of the best. In fact, the website has managed to present the different parts of the caterpillar by showing the power system, equipments and some of the most important parts of the machine. Through these approaches, the w ...
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