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XCOM 285 Week 8 dq 1




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While many argue that workplace and communication laws and policies
are unethical, I am a rm believer that employee monitoring is ethical. The
hardware and software that we use is not ours, therefore the owners of the
hardware and software have the right to monitor employees use of them. As
an employee, we have to respect the employer’s policies, procedures, and
universal laws. As a business, it is important to maintain a positive reputation
and avoid scandals such as sexual harassment, or o!ensive communication
that could potentially create an unnecessary law suit, damaging reputation.
Furthermore, as employees we are being paid to work and it is important
employees receive the productivity they deserve according to individuals pay
rate and duties.
To me, monitoring is a form of quality control. If employees are doing
something they shouldn’t be; chances are, the output of work quality is lower
than should be. Case in point, a friend of mine works for UOP as a quality
control specialist, they spent a lot of time surng the internet for a month,
texting, and taking unnecessary breaks; I asked them if they were meeting
their daily goals and a lot of the times they said no. A month later their
supervisor let them know their work productivity was down and specically
said, do less texting, talking, and surng the net and you’ll have no problem
meeting your goal. She realized she fell in a bad routine and actually thanked
her supervisor for getting on her case; she admitted that was not who she
was as an employee and was going to x it. Not only are employers helping
maintain their own reputation, but in a way helping us maintain our own
reputation. It’s only natural employers are trying to protect their assets,
stakeholders, customers, employees, values, mission, and reputation.

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