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Different Research Reports On Psychology

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Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH ISSUES Psychology Research Issues Institutional Affiliation Date 1 PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH ISSUES 2 Psychology involves the study of the human mind, the mental characteristics attitudes, and functions that affect the behavior of a person. In this particular paper, I will consider four relevant topics in the field of psychology. The issues that I will research on will be on: dating violence among the teenagers, the causes of teenage suicides and how to handle them, the impacts of hate crimes to a community and the victims and social forms of interaction. All the above topics are associated with the human mind. The topic of dating violence connects Sabina’s article on dating violence and interpersonal victimization among the Latino youth as it talks about the issues that lead to dating violence among the youth. The topic of the impact of hate crimes related to Purkayastha article on current sociology which included the migration, migrants, and human security as it explains the effects of hate crimes on human security. Human development: old age conception is partly described by Fauser article on menopause prediction and potential implications that it may have. The cause and symptoms of stress relate to Lingjia, an article on hyperhomocysteinemia is a result, rather than a cause, of depression under chronic stress. Causes and symptoms of stress Chengfeng, S., Wei, L., Xinxing, W., Lei, W., Rui, Z., & Lingjia, Q. (2014). Hyperhomocysteinemia ...
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