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Project Management Plan

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Project Management Plan Project Management Plan Name Professor Institution Course Date 1 Project Management Plan 2 Project Management Plan Overview As the project management consultant retained by the company, to come up with a project management plan for this project. The company intends to develop and execute SAP software within a limited period. Having a considerable background in software development, as well expertise in writing codes at the backend of the whole system. My work entails finding ways to capitalize on the company resources, time as well as finance to achieve the best available outcome for the company. PERT/ CPM development To achieve the company’s intended plan, we will use a PERT outline, which is project management method employed to set up, compile and eases everyday jobs within a task. Mutually, the CPM and PERT aid in the achievement of proficient project management. When utilized, they facilitate to plan the project and foresee possible source which may inconvenience and slow down the project completion. By scheduling the project within the appropriate period to adapt with the suitable professional association to have the assignment completed without delay. The tools enhance and manage the tasks, so that much time and emphasis is laid on achieving the work at hand(Trietsch and Baker, 2012). Project Management Plan 3 Project Management Plan Gantt Chart: Project Task Estimate Time (Days) Predecessors A Project Management B Needs 11 ...
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