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Measure Of Variation

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Running head: MEASURE OF VARIATION, CONFIDENCE INTERVAL Measure of Variation, Confidence Interval and Population Mean Name University Name Course Jan 28, 2018 1 MEASURE OF VARIATION, CONFIDENCE INTERVAL 2 Q1 Introduce your scenario and data set. • Provide a brief overview of the scenario you are given above and the data set that you will be analyzing. NCLEX Memorial Hospital is currently experiencing an increase in the number of patients suffering from infectious disease. I believe that age of the patient plays a crucial role in the development of infectious disease. This is based on the fact that increase in age causes immune system to become weak, making individuals being more susceptible to infectious disease. In order to test the claim, data on sixty patients were collected from MCLEX Memorial Hospital. The data included information about the age of the patients, client number and infectious disease status. The set of data collected includes 60 patients that range from the ages of 35 to 76 which have all been admitted to the infectious disease unit. • Classify the variables in your data set. The Variables used are Age of patient and Infectious Disease • Which variables are quantitative/qualitative? Quantitative: Age of Patient Qualitative: Disease Status MEASURE OF VARIATION, CONFIDENCE INTERVAL • 3 Which variables are discrete/continuous? Discrete: Infectious Disease Continuous: Age of the patient • Describe the level of measurement for eac ...
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